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STOP Senate Bill 612, the "Doctor Title"

Posted almost 6 years ago by Dr. Clelia Lima

Dear Team,

All NPs and Friends & Families - Please Sign This Urgent Petition! It is fast and easy to sign this petition to STOP Senate Bill 612, the "Doctor Title". We cannot keep quiet, our united voices have power!

Thank you,

Clelia Lima

Please take a moment to sign this petition to STOP Senate Bill 612, the "Doctor Title"  Bill sponsored by Florida Senator Bill Galvano from Bradenton. We understand the new Representative from Ft.Myers, Heather Fitzenhagen, a lawyer, is the house sponsor, but that bill number is still pending.

This bill is a waste of our tax dollars! We already have laws on the books to enforce "Truth in Advertising"! We feel legislators should know our laws before creating new bills that duplicate exitsting laws! This bill targets only nurses -CHAPTER 464--and makes it a FELONY 3rd degree which could mean loss of license if a NP is brought up on charges for simply using thier hard earned university awarded degree!

Thiis mean spirited, unnecessary and onerous bill could stop future nurses from moving to our state.  Let's make it clear to all legislators that nurses are a vital part of our healthcare system. NPs with an earned doctorate degree should not be dscriminated against and must be supported in our efforts to provide quality and affordable health care to all Floridians.

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