Central Florida Advanced Nursing Practice Council


Posted 7 months ago

Calling on Every  Nurse Practitioner from any area in the country. I NEED HELP.

For those APRNS that are interested in Telehealth or house calls during this Coronavirus Pandemic.

I need any certified nurse practitioner interested in working either calling patients or going out to the home.... to contact me.

My name is Laurie Grissman McCuen, APRN and I am the owner of Mobile Medical Associates and have set up my practice to have nurse practitioners of any specialty make phone calls to patients.

Make your own hours (10 minutes a week to 24 hours a day)

Let’s show America that Nurse Practitioners are in the front lines and can help America.

SEND ALL EMAILS TO lgrissman@housecallsmma.com

Please send email with the subject  stating Telehealth, State you live in, and type of APRN (specialty)

I need:

1. Resume


3. If you’re interested in Telehealth only or house calls, or both.

I will send out emails of the pay structure once I receive your email

Once I confirm your license I will email you back requesting your license and credentialing certificate.

Thanks for helping our country...

Email: lgrissman@housecallsmma.com