Central Florida Advanced Nursing Practice Council

Call For Nominations

Posted 4 months ago by Susan Smith

Our personal and professional worlds have changed forever.  We have been forced by an unforgiving viral menace to rethink how we interact.  Much has changed, but we must continue to move forward as citizens and professionals to answer the call for membership and service.

We at the Central Florida Advanced Practice Nursing Council come to you now with a call for NOMINATIONS to our Board of Directors.  The following one year positions are open for your nominations:

President Elect- Assist the President in their duties as CEO of the Organization, including serving as President in their absence. This NP will assume the office of the President at the end of the term.

Secretary Elect-  Assist the Secretary with recording of meeting minutes and assisting to disseminate correspondences, serving in their place as needed. This NP will assume the role of Secretary at the end of the term.

Treasurer Elect- Assist the Treasurer to oversee accounting procedures for handling of group funds and perform their duties as needed. This NP will assume the office of Treasurer after the annual taxes are submitted

Hospitality Chair- Promote the growth of membership. Assist with greeting of members and distribution of membership materials.

Education Chair- Arrange for Speakers and group presentations, coordinating sponsors and continuing education.

Website Chair- Oversees website enhancement and maintenance

Membership Chair- ensures that all current members meet eligibility qualifications. Track and trend membership.

Legislative Chair- serve as  liaison between CFANPC and other local, state-wide, and national organizations, serving as a resource for professional scope of practice issues and the pertinent latest legislative activity.

Nominations Chair- Prepares the slate of nominees for elected offices and collects necessary information for developing the official election ballot.

Scholarship Chair- coordinates the selection of individuals seeking scholarship(s) to be submitted to the full Board for final decision.

Social Networking and Media Committee Chair- endeavors to increase the visibility and virtual presence of the organization through a variety of social media interfaces.

Please submit your nominations to Dr. Susan Smith @ shoshannasmith64@gmail.com