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AANP elections open tomorrow

Posted almost 8 years ago by Carol A Fain

Hi, my name is Angela Golden and I am running for President-Elect of AANP.  As the contact for the group member on the AANP website I am writing to ask for your support. If you feel it is appropriate I would appreciate you letting other members of your organization know about me as well.

I am writing to ask for your support in the AANP elections that open tomorrow. I am running for President-Elect.  I believe I have the background and experience to lead AANP as we move forward in this new health care paradigm.  There is so much to do and so many exciting opportunities ahead for all of us. 

My passion for our profession has led me to serve on many policy committees related to NP’s and healthcare. I have led NP lobby days at the Arizona Legislature, testified at state senate meetings and attended Health Policy Fellowships. My doctoral program had an emphasis on Health Policy and Evidenced Based Practice from Arizona State University. I also own my own clinical practice and am an assistant professor at Northern Arizona University. 

I have had the opportunity to serve AANP members since I became an NP in 1998.  I have served as a state representative, then Regional Director and now as recording secretary for the board of directors.  I have also been a PAC commissioner, grant, scholarship, and conference abstract reviewer, and I have attended the health policy leadership meetings.  I am a JAANP reviewer and co-edited a virtual edition about the Fellows. Additionally I have been a  presenter for the AANP Group Lecture Series  and promoted interdisciplinary partnerships with AANP-ACCP initiatives; sleeping disorders, smoking cessation, COPD and the newly created COPD Alliance.

Please vote during this AANP election cycle, your voice is important as AANP is a member driven organization.  I would appreciate your support for my candidacy for President-Elect and I promise to work diligently to advance our profession.  If you know of an NP that is not on the list serve please feel free to pass this on. 

Thanks very much,

Angela Golden, RN, DNP, FNP, FAANP