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Revised Nominations needed

Posted almost 7 years ago by Elizabeth Rash

A review of the most current CFANPC By Laws received and reviewed yesterday (attached) reveals a need for the following elected and appointed board and committee members. A good number of u volunteered for the membership/hospitality committee. If some would consider other positons or other members would consider volunteering we can count on successfully continuing our organization. Attached are the most current By Laws with role descriptions. Please email me if you are willing to volunteer your time. Elections to be held in April. Much Thanks! Liz

Current Board/Committees and Vacancies:

2012-2013 Elected: President Clelia Lima

  • Vice President (president-elect) Vacancy
  • Secretary Bonnie Lanternier (unless opposed by another member)
  • Treasurer Cynthia Otero


2012-2013 Appointed

Education/Program: Chairperson Cathy Cutler

  1. Assistant VACANT
  2. Assistant VACANT

Legislative: Chairperson Janet Hutchinson

  1. Sharon Koch-Parish
  2. Assistant Vacant 


Nominating: Chairperson Becky Doyle

  1. Colin Doyle
  2. Assistant VACANT

Website/newsletter: Chairperson Tanya Bengali 

  1. Nida Merchant 
  2. Assistant VACANT

Membership/HospitalityChairperson Tabassum Nerchant

  1. Assistant Khadja Maycock
  2. Assistant Ashley Williams

The other volunteers might consider alternate roles?

  • Bianca Trevino
  • Jackie Kubay
  • Shelly Castell
  • Josilyn OConner-Bear 
  • Michelle Lee